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Since departure

We are not mechanics! However, it is important to maintain the car and we regularly grease the front suspension and check oil, tyre pressures, brake fluid, water and keep an ear out for unusual rattles.

A rubber gaiter on the steering rack split while we were in Morocco. With no replacement available Tim made a temporary repair with a plastic bag and duck tape. It lasted across North Africa and was replaced in India.


Shock Absorbers  

Hindustan Motors serviced our car while in India and carried out the following maintenance work:

  • replaced rubber steering gaiter (boot)

  • replaced the rear shock absorbers

  • re-cambered rear springs

  • replaced front suspension bushes

  • installed a dashboard rotating fan

  • replaced door rubbers and window trim

  • fitted new linings to rear brake shoes

  • replaced bush in the starter motor fitted a locking fuel cap as well as undertaking routine servicing on the engine.

  • Australia

    Since buying the car we have struggled to find a cardboard air filter element that fitted correctly. On arrival in Perth, Minicraft (08) 9370 2882 carried out routine servicing and succeeded in finding the correct air filter element.

    A new battery was fitted by North Terrace Tyres in Adelaide when the existing one died

    New Zealand

    Gearbox Flush  

    On arrival in Auckland Murray Johnson of Weber Specialities flushed the gear box through to remove bits of metal chipped off a tooth in first gear when put under strain while we were in Melbourne. At this stage the gearbox was deteriorating to the extent that we could not use first gear and could not put reverse under strain.

    New Zealand, Oxford and Christchurch

    Roger Brown in Oxford dedicated days of hard work to fixing Florence. He replaced our damaged gearbox with one supplied by Jim Hughes that was rebuilt and reconditioned by Don Gardiner 03 338 1336.

    Roger Brown


    In order to drive on New Zealand roads the car was inspected by the AA and issued a Warrant of Fitness despite a concern over some rust patches. These and a rusting rear wing were expertly fixed by Roger Brown - a skilled panel beater with great experience of classic cars.

    A failing starter motor was fixed by Garth Milne of Ricccarton Auto Electric Centre 03 348 7736 in Christchurch.

    Whilst in Christchurch Rod Power, Mini specialist 03 980 2855 carried out a full service on the car. Rod who also repaired the horn that had been temperamental for some time and finally stopped hooting as we drove into Oxford on Sunday 13th February!

    The same set of Firestone tyres carried us across the world to NZ with not one puncture.